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Product Name:

Digital textile printing for Reactive dye ink

Product Model:




1. Print materials: cotton, linen, silk and other fabrics.
2. Suitable for production: clothes, bed sheets, scarves and so on.


Reactive dye ink can direct print pictures on textile like cotton, hemp, silk etc. It is a ink which can offer fast printing on textile, which offers bright color, high accuracy picture.


1. Suitable for MUTOH, MIMAKI series EPSON Five Piezo machines, domestic double six generations of head and seven generations Roland single head
2. For Kyocera head
3. For Konica, seiko, Ricoh head machines.


1. Printed onto the fabric offers saturated bright colors, color reproduction is good, wide color gamut;
2. The image is clear and sharp.
3. Soft and comfortable, no heavy hand feeling.
4. Fluency, and no plug. Save maintenance costs.
5. Abrasion, washable, light resistance reach grade 4-5. This parameter can provide ROHS report.


1. Sizing process is intended to provide basic alkaline conditions required for reactive dyes, 
and prevents infiltration of ink on the fabric to ensure print accuracy.
2. Flat textile is better on direct printing.
3. Direct printing on textile
4. Let fiber and reactive dyes react to firm color. Please inquiry us for temperature and time.
5. Wash out the floating color, and then dry to finish printing.


K, C, M, Y, LC, LM, LK, LLK, red, blue, orange.

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