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E1-ECO Chinese Epson printer (E1-ECOCEP)

1. Bright, vibrant and wide color gamut makes more beautiful printing pictures.
2. Outdoor lifetime can reach 1.5 years.
3. Suitable for all printing surfaces, strong scratch.
4. Environmental-friendly, less odor, 20% higher density than market ink color.
5. Not contains high VOC solvents such as: CYC, CAC, PMA, DMF etc.
6. Each batch keeps good consistence, stable quality.
7. Normally can store more than 12 months.
Ink Model: 

CMYK (Special color can be customized)

Compatible printers:
Chinese eco solvent printers with DX5/7, XP600, TX800 heads.

Car Sticker
Photographic paper
Canvas etc.

Working condition:
Temperature: 18-30 ° C / 64-86 ° F
Humidity: 25-70%

1L/5L pack. (Customized package is available.)

Storage Instructions:
Should be stored at 5-30 ° C;
In above condition may store more than 12 months;
After the sealing aluminum film is opened, pls make sure no dust and no impurities enter the ink, otherwise will effect the printing;
When printing room temperature lower than 15°C, pls use heater; when higher than 28 °C, pls use air conditioner. 

Stable Odorless E1-ECO Epson Executive Editor

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