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E1-ECO Industrial printheads Ultra Density Model:

1. Nano-scale filter to make sure fluent printing, no clog printheads.
2. Bright, vibrant and wide color gamut makes more beautiful printing pictures.
3. Outdoor lifetime can reach 12 months.
4. Suitable for all printing surfaces, strong scratch.
5. Environmental-friendly, less odor, 20% higher density than market ink color.
6. Not contains high VOC solvents such as: CYC, CAC, PMA, DMF etc.
7. Each batch keeps good consistence, stable quality.

Ink model:

CMYK (Special color can be customized)

Compatible printers:
Allwin, Bossron, Challenger, EFI, Flora, Gongzheng, Grando, Human, Infinity, JHF, Icontek, Liyu, Myjet, Phaeton, Skyjet, Taimes, Teckwin, Titanjet, Witcolor, Xuli, Yaselan ect pinters with KONICA/SEIKO/SPECTRA/XAAR printheads.

Working condition:
Temperature: 18-30 ° C / 64-86 ° F
Humidity: 25-70%

1L/5L pack. (Customized package is available.)

Storage Instructions:
Should be stored at 5-30 ° C;
In above condition may store more than 12 months;
After the sealing aluminum film is opened, pls make sure no dust and no impurities enter the ink, otherwise will effect the printing;
When printing room temperature lower than 15°C, pls use heater; when higher than 28 °C, pls use air conditioner. 

Stable Odorless E1-ECO Ultra Density Model Executive Editor

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