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E0-ECO Japanese Epson(E0-ECOJEP

1. Compatible with Japanese original ink, no need to replace ICC profile.
2. Superior precision performance(1440dpi), no satellite points and flying ink produce when printing.
3. 30% higher density than market ink color, odorless, with environmental friendly solvents to extend your printheads working time.
4. Passed Swiss SGS company’s ROHS, REACH environmental certifications
5. Not contains high VOC solvents such as: CYC, CAC, PMA, DMF etc.
6. Excellent outdoor durability, 2 years outdoor life
7. Normally can store more than 12 months.

Ink model:

Compatible printers:
Micro piezoelectric nozzle Eco solvent printer with Epson DX4/DX5/DX6/DX7/TPF heads.
Epson: Surecolor 30680/50680/70680 etc.
Mimaki: CJV30/CJV150/JV3/JV5/JV33/JV34/JV150/JV300 etc.
Roland: FJ/SJ/XC/SC/VP/RS/SP(540/640/740), VS-540/VS-640/XF-640/XR640/RA-640/RF-640 etc.
Mutoh: VJ-1324/VJ-1204E/VJ-1604E/VJ-1624/VJ-1924/VJ-1638 etc.

K C M Y LC LM (Special color can be customized)

Car Sticker
Photographic paper
Canvas etc.

Working condition:
Temperature: 18-30 ° C / 64-86 ° F
Humidity: 25-70%

1L/4.6L UNIGREEN pack. (Customized package is available.)

Storage Instructions:
Should be stored at 5-30 ° C;
In above condition may store more than 12 months;
After the sealing aluminum film is opened, pls make sure no dust and no impurities enter the ink, otherwise will effect the printing;
When printing room temperature lower than 15°C, pls use heater; when higher than 28 °C, pls use air conditioner.


Superior Odorless E0-ECO Japanese Epson Executive Editor

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