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Guangzhou DPES and ISLE fair at 2018-3-6 report 2

Right now popular printing heads are as following: 
1.Konica 512i 30PL / Konica 1024i 30PL or 7PL,  USD 1300.
2.Fujifilm Dimatix starfire 1024 25PL / Fujifilm Dimatix starfire 1024 10PL, (Whose predecessor is spectra 1984) USD3000.
3.Ricoh GEN4 / GEN 5-7PL variable, about USD3000.
4.Kyocera KJ4A uv heads, KJ4B water based heads.  About USD8600.
Japan Konica 512i heads starts popular in China since year 2013-2015, the main printer company who use this heads are : Human, Allwin, other brands like Grando, Taimes, etc. Konica 512i heads mostly used on solvent ink printing. I think this is most popular head since year 2015, instead of Seiko 35PL, because it’s high speed and stable quality and reasonable price. It’s just like everybody want to buy printer with the head suddenly. And in the year 2016, almost every big distributor want to sell printers with Konica 512i heads. Human is a brand active in this period, get big market share because of it’s quality in good price.
 Japan Starfire 25PL heads
Japan Starfire 25PL heads is a old head while it gets popular in year 2016-2017, the print head is keep improving, as long as it’s ink technology. the main printer company who use this heads are :Gongzheng, Wit-color, Flora etc. Fujilim Dimatix Starfire’s predecessor is US spectra company, their spectra nova heads are top quality heads in long years time, they have strong technical background. And the most important is, starfire heads are composed of detachable parts, while some parts gets blocked, we can repair and continue use. So, a head can works longer time compare to other brands, it counts cheaper for print every liter ink. Fujifilm Dimatrix starfire heads mostly used on solvent ink printing, some used on UV printing too, but not so satisfied.
Japan Ricoh GEN5 heads
Japan Ricoh GEN5 heads are getting popular while Chinese UV curable ink starts getting popular in about year 2009-2013. The printer brands use Ricoh GEN-5 heads are: Hantop, Docan, Flora and other brands like maxcan, and a lot of small printer brands who use Ricoh GEN5 heads. Ricoh GEN5 has constant temperature system, which makes it works on different types of inks, and has more enduring space for different ink brands. It’s a durable heads. For long years, Ricoh GEN5 heads are most popular in UV printing, and some in textile printing.
Japan Kyocera heads are expensive ones, it is famous of it’s high resolution. Now wit-color is promote it’s UV flexible printer, and Docan is promote it’s flatbed printer with Kyocera heads.