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Special ink for EPS 3200

Uvink Tech in 2016 Shanghai expo

During the Shanghai Apppexpo exhibition, the Epson 3200 nozzle instantly attach very much attention. The EPS3200 industrial printer in Zhengzhou New Century has adopted Epson's latest development of a multi-function printhead-EPS3200. So what's the attraction of Epson 3200?
There is a small story to know more about Epson 3200:
This printhead originated in Epson 4720 is a Epson desktop printer nozzle. It is said that this printhead was used for Epson desktop printers. As we all know that, desktop printers are not widely used on advertising. The Epson 4720 in inkjet printers was discovered by the clever Chinese, and the head was applied to eco solvent, UV, and sublimation printing scheme to produce excellent performance. Because its price is between 500 and 600 yuan, it takes less cost while better economic benefits. So Epson 3200 catch attention instantly in the advertising printing industry. At present, it is known that this printhead has been discontinued by EPSON and the number of nozzles on the market is more than 100,000 pics. The Shanghai exhibition, gorgeous debut, won the focus. In China, the Zhengzhou New Century promote Epson 4720 from July, 2017 they own the only decryption card. 

Eco solvent ink for EPS 3200
What's the advantages of Epson 3200/4720?
There is not only as low-priced as other printhead, but they are distinctly superior in the following aspects.
1.Printing speed
The EPS 3200 printhead has a total of 3,200 printheads. Speed performance: can realize 3PASS high-speed printing, the printing speed of single nozzle machine can reach 30-40 square/ hour;
2.Print accuracy
EPS3200 nozzle adopts TFP thin film piezoelectric technology, 2.5PL variable point, using technology to restore the true color, the accuracy is unmatched. The minimum ink drop is 2.5PL, and the output graph is more delicate and perfect.
3.Corrosion resistance
EPS3200 nozzle is a corrosion-resistant nozzle, suitable for ink: water baesed ink, oil based ink, solvent ink, uv ink, sublimation ink, etc., 
This printhead basically can applied to water-based inks and oil-based inks at the same time while existing the current market inks can be used, and it can use in indoor printing and outdoor printing. 
The following printers are using Epson 3200 heads: Skycolor, Witcolor, Gongzheng, Human etc 10 main companies.
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Special ink for EPS 3200