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Some opinion for 2018-3-3 to 6-DPES and ISLE exhibition

DEPS (Mar3-6) and ISLE are opposite in the two side of road. So, I introduce the two shows together.
6-DPES and ISLE exhibition
In the exhibition, there is 2 things that I think worth to say.
1.F-Y union is now hot promote their brands for Toshiba heads UV printers. Toshiba heads price is around USD1000.
Each brands put one advertisement before their booth. I think they want to show that they are the brands that authorized by Toshiba China company. As we know, Intelligent Hope sell about 12000 pcs Toshiba uv heads in year 2017. We get information from some customer that, Toshiba heads acts great on UV printers, but normal on eco solvent ink printers.
F-Y union has brands include: Challenger, Infinitiy, Ico tek, Phaeton, Globaldigital, Crystal, F-Y union, Galaxy.
Mostly, these brands are promote Toshiba: Globaldigital, Crystal, Galaxy. Crystal has Toshiba CE5-5PL and Seiko 1024-7PL two choice for their uv printers. 
In Deps show, Toshiba heads agency arranged big booth for their best sellers, such as following picture.
Toshiba heads agency
   Toshiba heads certificated UV ink.                                             The brands whom are selling Toshiba UV printers

2.XAAR 1201 2.5PL is now hot promoting it’s head on sublimation, eco solvent ink and UV ink printers. In Mar 2017, there is Skycolor and Xuli brands promoting this head. But this time, we know that Skycolor only selling Epson heads printers in their booth. Xuli is hot promoting. Here are some pictures for reference.
In my opinion, the heads don’t have competitive price compare to Epson heads. And current situation, according to our technician, is not 100% satisfied. As usual, a new head may need half year to upgrade. XAAR is a good brand, we can pay attention on it and see how is the feedback from market.
sublimation printer
sublimation printer.
Eco solvent printer for indoor wall paper printing
Eco solvent printer for indoor wall paper printing
Eco solvent printer for outdoor printing
Eco solvent printer for outdoor printing
UV flex banner printer
UV flex banner printer
High speed UV flex banner printer
High speed UV flex banner printer