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How we Umall Ink Int’l (UVINK tech) position and promote the “UVINK” brand?

We think the brand at the customer side, but not at the side of enterprise. For one category products, people usually only remember at most 3 brand names. Eg. In soft drink category, we may remember: Coco cola, Pepsi, 7-up. So, try to make your brand at top three. The better is to make your brand at top one, and best is to make your brand means the category. Sometimes Coco cola is the meaning of soft drink. In this best situation, your brand name will get spread easily.
UVINK is the category name of UV ink. It’s registered in China since 2014. When we have agent in any country, we will register it in that country at the same time. We believe that digital printing ink for advertisement will develop from: solvent ink à eco solvent ink à uv ink à latex ink --> etc. And the “UVINK” will be next stage category (now the time is Dec 2017).

“UVINK” brand means, odorless environmental-friendly ink with always stable quality. Any time, if customer need a better stable quality ink, he will think about “UVINK”. If he needs a odorless ink, he will think about “UVINK”. 
Stable quality is the current basic market needs, odorless is high stage needs market.

We have a full and qualified VI system for our “UVINK” brand. We design new excellent advertisement sheets always, it will with easy remember words, which hit peoples core needs. And spread these by a strong marketing team.
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