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Why is the quality of solvent ink in China unstable?

For years, China's solvent ink has been squeezed by foreign countries, customers prefer choosing ink for imports, that’s why the development of Chinese ink has been very difficult. It’s all about quality! Throughout the global printing industry, the reasons that affect ink quality mainly include the following:
1. Lack of research and development money, lack of the main research and development equipment, production equipment and raw materials.
2. The ink model is single, unable to adapt to printer head.
3. The flow of ink is poor, viscosity changes with temperature‌, broken ink, frequent disconnection, plug phenomenon is serious.
4. Poor ink stability, change with season and region.
5. Poor dispersion stability, short service life of printer head and waste money.
6. Small factory, black workshop production.
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How can solvent ink become odorless?

1. Take environmental protection as the position and insist on production of environmental odorless solvent ink.
2. Pay money to hire the cutting-edge technology personnel, master inkjet core technology, develop and grind repeatedly.
3. The products produced contain no benzene, toluene, xylene, cyclohexanone and other toxic solvents. The use of the corrosive extremely low or no corrosive alcohol, ether, alcohol ether solvent, reduce volatile VOC.
4. Market oriented, always focus on the market and absorb industry-leading technology and production philosophy.
Unigreen ordless ink

Why does Umall Ink Int’l have a significant position in the market for a long term?

1. Time precipitation, management accumulation, technical innovation
Umall Ink Int’l search ink for 16 years, produce ink for variety of printer head, and has been well received by customers. Now, it has been widely popularized in quality and cheap.
If you don't have the ability to develop good ink formulation, the ink quality can't be good. Some ink has been copied from the supplier of raw materials to a worthless formula, and start production. Some buy a recipe but have no ability to upgrade. These are the matter.
2. Focused on the source and take the lead
Top of imported raw materials and imported r&d technology, to ensure the advantage of leading technology and color and batch consistency, in strict accordance with the industry's top international quality management standards, the ink color, color fastness to light, stability, diffusion and spray printing effect such as 13 projects, all reached world leading level, with a low odor of environmental protection, beautiful colors, stable quality, to constantly meet the needs of customers is increasing day by day.
3. Advanced equipment, faster and more stable
Umall Ink Int’l owns the only automatic filling equipment in China. Automatic filling, except for fast, but stable. The possibility of human error is ruled out. The packaging is also more tidy and perfect. At the same time reduce the cost, give the benefit to the customer.
4. Complete testing
Umall Ink Int’l has world-class testing instruments and high quality r&d testers, and will conduct rigorous testing of each batch of raw materials. The quality of the ink, the more crucial is the detection, because the eye can not see good or bad. Raw material testing, testing of each process, testing of finished products, these are money-consuming and time-consuming work, but we do not cut corners. As far as we know, those factories that had two big problems a year were likely to save the process.
The solvent is tested by PH, conductivity, viscosity, surface tension and trace element content. For each batch of ink finished products are also tested by electrical conductivity, viscosity, surface tension, color (the color of the same type of products should be colourless), weatherability and so on. Ensure the ink finished batch is qualified. The same type batch all the same. Strict testing standards provide reliable guarantees for producing high-quality ink.
5. Excellent sales team
Umall Ink Int’l's sales team is very professional, they recommends the most matching ink to customers, avoiding the awkwardness of buying the wrong ink.
6. Golden medal after sale, the pursuit of extreme user experience
Umall Ink Int’l promises: as long as our ink have problems in printing, we all have professional technician cooperate to solve the problem, if not, we will send them to your company, didn't come back until resolved.
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