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Compare which ink is less odor on konica 512i print head.(Frist half)

For the first place of digital inkjet printing area – the printing factory for advertisement, the printing operating staff care most about the odor and un-healthy of solvent inks. In the latest years, the global economic gets better and better, the business of advertisement gets so excellent. Though, in the bloom situation, many people actually worry about that is the ink healthy enough or not?
Today, we choose the most popular printer, ALLWIN with Konica 512i print heads, to compare the difference between some Chinese brand ink and UVINK TECH Co.’s “Unigreen TM” brand mild solvent ink. UVINK TECH Co.’s “Unigreen TM” brand is focused on more environment - friendly solvent inks and eco solvent inks for advertisement market. Even the solvent ink is more environmental friendly than other ink on the market, not to mention the environmental protection and the pure green solvent ink.
Today, we choose the most popular printer, ALLWIN with Konica 512i print heads
Today, we choose the most popular printer, ALLWIN with Konica 512i print heads
We compare it in terms of instrumentation and sensory feedback. The instrument uses the "prosecutor's" formaldehyde detector. First, calibrate the instrument to zero. The calibration is in the window of a spray-painted company, open Windows, outdoor air circulation, the instrument display HCHO (formaldehyde), and TVOC is all zero.
According to formaldehyde concentration: there are three criteria.
(1) GB/T18883 "indoor air quality standards", standard of formaldehyde is 0.10 mg/m3; 
Standard of formaldehyde in GB50325
(2) Ⅰ construction ≤0.08 mg/m3
(3) Ⅱ construction ≤0.12 mg/m3; 
Ⅰ class civil building: homes, hospitals, old buildings, kindergartens, schools classrooms and other civil building; 
Ⅱ class civil building: office buildings, shops, hotels, culture entertainment, bookstore, library, exhibition hall, gymnasium, public transportation waiting rooms, restaurants, barber's and other civil building.
TVOC is all the organic gaseous matter in a space. Its full name is Total Volatile Organic Compound, a general term for indoor Volatile Organic matter. TVOC is also the one of affects indoor air quality. TVOC can be divided into eight categories: alkanes, aromatics, alkene, halogen hydrocarbons, esters, aldehydes, ketones and other, these are common organic gaseous substances.
TVOC national standard GB/T188834-2002 “regulations on indoor air environment standard” is not more than 0.6 ㎎ / m3. This is compulsory in China. In general, indoor VOC concentration cross in 0.16 mg/m3 and 0.3 mg/m3, basic is harmless to human body, and if the TVOC concentration is 3.0-25 mg/m3, can produce discomfort, even may appear have a headache, and other effects may occur when the VOC concentration is greater than 25 mg/m3.
Instrumentation initialization
Inside the painting company, about 5-6 meters away from the working printer, the instrument shows HCHO (formaldehyde) is 0.067, and TVOC is 0.544. Conform to the standards: GB/T18883 "standard of indoor air quality" formaldehyde standard 0.10 mg/m3 and TVOC national standard GB/T188834-2002 < regulations on indoor air environment standard "is not more than 0.6 ㎎ / m3. At this point, I felt almost no smell, and there is no discomfort in the eyes and head. And in the process of changing ink, I sat there for about 15 minutes, still feeling well.
While waiting, I looked at the internal structure of the painting company and felt they were relatively attentive. Besides the spacious, the ventilation is very good. A large area is about 1,000 square meters.The entrance corridor is full of open windows.The concentration of formaldehyde at the entrance is 0.060 mg/m2, which meets the indoor air quality standards. On the large window on the other side of the gate, there are two large fans working on the front, and the printer is under the fan. The printer is separated from the rest of the hall by the hanging spray cloth. On the side of the corresponding side, there is also a small ventilated door. Such structure, the spread of formaldehyde in the air, the least health hazard to indoor workers.
The entrance corridor is large
The large fan that works next to the printer
The distance from the machine 1-2 meters
When we arrived at the painting company, they were printing. When approaching the printer, there is a palpable sense of pungent smell in the 1-2 meter range of the machine, and after a few seconds, the eyes have a slightly uncomfortable feeling. The instrument showed that HCHO (formaldehyde) was 0.508 and TVOC was 1.795.Which meets the instructions in the detector. Significantly more than the GB/T18883 "standard of indoor air quality" formaldehyde standard 0.10 mg/m3 and TVOC national standard GB/T188834-2002 < regulations on indoor air environment standard "is not more than 0.6 ㎎ / m3.
there is a palpable sense of pungent smell
Next, as we continue to approach a printer, put the testing instrument just print out the new ink and heating panel on the edge, feeling distinctly pungent, after a short while, eyes want to tears, and the temporal dizzy. The formaldehyde detector HCHO has climbed in more than 10 seconds, from 800, 1200,2000, to 3888, and TVOC to 9.999, both exceeding the maximum of the instrument and warning. My heart beat faster, and I ran away from the scene for five meters. For a while, my little heart was bouncing. This is horrible, this is the operation of the printing room the  young men everyday working environment, this "flesh" which can withstand such formaldehyde to immerse?
Maximize, warning
Working place
Move on to the next stage, replace the low-quality solvent ink in Umall Ink Int’l. According to the printing process, the new ink just print it out, and the heating panel, instrument display values is: 0.902, TVOC: 2.634. Stop printing the same position, the value decreased, is: 0.720, TVOC: 2.190.
Move on to the next stage
In the distance from the printer 1 meter
Though, the low taste of solvent ink in Umall Ink Int’l is far than some brand on the market in formaldehyde and total organic solvent ink low gaseous material things, but it still does not meet the "standard of indoor air quality". This painting company is a big, well-ventilated space. Think about it: if you're in a small painting company; Or in the winter of the northeast in China, sealed, heated rooms; In the summer of the south in China, when outdoor temperature is high, in the air-conditioned room; How does the staff feel? And as far as I know, the staff of the spray company, most of them don't have the habit of wearing masks or any protective measures.
Based on this, Umall Ink Int’l has been working on the development of environmental ink.Evaluation of ink, above is Umall Ink Int’l began two years ago in the process of elimination of old products, low odor solvent ink, now only a few because the price is not willing to change old customers in the use of green ink. And our "Unigreen TM" for two years of pure green ink is far more environmental friendly than the low-odor solvent ink. Especially the pure green solvent ink for konica 512i, is now the most popular.
Take a look at the time when Umall Ink Int’l began to bring the eco solvent ink and solvent ink to the market.
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Please look forward to the next article, "Unigreen TM", a review of Eco solvent ink.
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