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Mexican travelogue - Umall Ink Int’l, a new starting point around the world

This May, I went to Mexico on business with Chery because of the company's business expansion. From one side to the other side of the earth, apart from the differences in climate, customs and habits, we also feel the new trend of the world being gradually integrated and the science and technology changing rapidly. And our company, Umall Ink Int’l, is just following this trend, trying to go out of the country, to the world stage. We believe that the future belongs to us, and the world belongs to us, as long as we work hard.
Mexican travelogue

Depart, take a boat and change planes, on the other side of the earth

It is true that traveling on business can appreciate the local customs and develop ones vision. But after all, we're on a corporate mission, and we can't be too laid-back. Well, the first thing to do is to go to the destination.
So, on the day of departure, we are tired all kinds of turning.
Firstly, we arrived at the Shekou port of Shenzhen from the company, and took the boat to Hong Kong airport for about half an hour. Then we got to Hong Kong international airport, caught the plane at 14:30, and boarded the plane. Because there is no direct flight from Hong Kong to Mexico, we are going to the Dallas-fort worth international airport in the United States. Okay, I am real to the a trip to the United States, and take a photo shows that I have been here, ha ha ~ In the end, we in the United States turned 18:50 for the Houarez international airport in Mexico City, in the evening arrive the destination smoothly.
I feel tired after all the hard work, but what matters compare with our company? Okay, first go to sleep beauty sleep, start work tomorrow, fighting!
at the Shekou port of Shenzhen
We are in USA


Start working, and learn to taste food

Early in the morning, my colleague Chery and I visited our first customer according to the established plan. The client took us to our breakfast and tasted Mexican food for the first time. It felt like: the weight is so big! The client says: it's just a pre-dinner snack, and I'll take you to a real treat.
Mexican food
Of course, our purpose is not to eat, but to work hard (laughter). After breakfast the client took us to visit his company, Chery is always the most photogenic!
Chery is always the most photogenic!

Only food and play are not negative

After visiting the company, the afternoon customer brought us to his resort specially for us, ate the local specialty fruit, and tasted the beef that the customer fried for us. The special way to eat fruit is to add pepper, pepper and other seasonings. The beef is very tender, and we are looking for beef for the next few days, but none of them are tasty as good as this. Well, this is Mexico!
After tasting the food, we had a good time at the pool with the customer's children, Chery hurried to take a photo with children, a scheming boy. Suddenly we are in a good mood. I finally know why people are so keen on traveling.
the local specialty fruit
the customer fried beer
The fired beef
Chery with children

Day2, 3, 4

What I see and think at the expo

These days are the time of the Mexico City expo and the highlight of our business trip. So my partner Chery and I arrived early in the morning, waiting for the exhibition to begin. I was very impressed by the carpet of the exhibition, and the color was mainly in blue, it looked like a 3D stereo in the distance. The exhibition was about to begin with a lot of spectators and staff, and we were able to get into the show after the opening ceremony.
Not only familiar daily necessities in the exhibition, but also a wide range of high-tech products, that give me the freshness of a first visit to the city.
I have seen many old friends and familiar faces at the exhibition, not only in Mexico, but also in many other countries, even in China. It make me moved because of economic globalization, the world is gradually integration, a company, and even a country, if stuck in the past, don't want to out of the home, wait for it is backward, and even eliminated.
at the expo
spectators and staff
Chery at the expo
the opening ceremony
old friends
Chinese friends
special things at the expo
high-tech products

Life is a process of accumulating and growing

Well, I'd like to give a special compliment to our brother stone, Chery. As one of Umall Ink Int’l, Chery give full play in the exhibition, not only actively talking to customers, expand business, and in order to better convenient connection with the customer, he takes  a group photos with them. This is worthy for each one to learn!
Because of the limitation and continuous of the exhibitions, Chery play a lie down to sleep, simply lying on the ground after ten minutes and commitment to work in the afternoon. Secretly taking a picture of him, this is also a memorable classic sleeping position!
Life is a process of accumulating and growing
Chery take photos with customers 1
Chery take photos with customers 2
Chery play a lie down to sleep

Even if there is an accident, there are good people to help

The next day, something sad happened to me: I lost my wallet!
That day, two people come over to me, I think they are customer, and one of them started talking with me, but when I was chatting, another man stole my wallet! When I found it, the man have run and disappeared. I was very sad and helpless, eyes are crying red. A handsome guy next to me asked me what was wrong, and I told him what had happened. The handsome man help communicate and find someone immediately. There is nothing to be saved. But the good guys I still remember.
I really hope this handsome guy has good news.
The handsome guy

Eat and play in the name of work

While it's important to work, you only know that the monotony of your work won't last. Only by balancing the relationship between work and entertainment can we work better. It's a rare visit to Mexico, and it's a good time to have a good time. The photo is always the best way to preserve memory, say you, pose, 1, 2, 3, eggplant!
To understand work, to learn to enjoy, and of course fill in the belly! While working on one side of the show to taste the Mexican food, how many people can do the same?
I just touch you
Chery behind me
Play at the expo
3D games
Our lunch
Eat at the expo
Eat in the name of work

Mexico City, a quiet and laid-back place

On the way to the exhibition, through the window, saw the balloon outside was slowly rising, and the air was fresh, my agitated mood suddenly became calm. In the street, two or three cars drove by, and a few pedestrians walking along the road, all these give a quiet and peaceful feeling to me. Mexico City, the habitat of a soul.
he rising balloon
A quiet city
After the expo


Go to another city, the city of fruit

The fifth day we flew to another city, and the customer said that he will pick us up very soon after we getting off plane. This "very soon", really drove half an hour of the car, along the way was rocky mountain and the sparse forest. However, I was immediately refreshed by the fact that the customer said, "this is the fruit city of Mexico, fruit, my favorite." I said, I must go and see the fruit market here.The price of vegetables and fruits in the fruit market really makes us surprised! Potatoes five cents a pound, garlic three cents a kilo! I was very regret! I wish I could go back China and sell it in a bag, so I will be a billionaire? Ha ha ~ The thought is good, but cannot realize, just imagination.
the city of fruit
Very cheap vegetables

The Gothic wind and the folk dance

In the afternoon, we drove to another place.The roads are lined with Gothic buildings, and my girlish heart continues to sprout: is there a handsome prince waiting for me in the castle just to change my smile?
So we ended up sitting in the Gothic building and meeting with our customer. Eating the special fruit salad, taste the unique of sauce fish head (to tell the truth, I also really doesn't seem to agree with), Chery and customer drink clink with brotherhood, customer friends played local music and jumped up the local folk dancing.In singing and laughing, although I didn't drink, I was drunk, drunk in the hospitality of my customer friends, drunk in the smiling faces of local friends...
On the way to customers
Gothic buildings
sit at the Gothic buildings
Fruit salad
The unique of sauce fish head
Dancing and palying
The smiling faces of local friends


Tired, just have a good rest

After a few days of hard work, I gradually felt a little bit of a weakness, so today, Chery and I decided to take a rest. Of course, our rest is not staying in the hotel all the time, but getting out of the hotel and feeling the local customs.
Put aside of work, stroll in Mexico City, looked up at the blue sky, to marvel at the unique architectural style, the feelings of the people, and imagine they have any urgent matter, also is a kind of comfortable enjoy.
The biue sky
The pass by
the handsome me
The slowly bus
In the forest
The unique architectural

If you're not used to local food, cook for yourself

After a few days of Mexican food, we are not satisfied with the land. Looking at Chery to see my eyes, okay, today we are self-reliant, let’s cook for ourselves! The first is to buy food, the price of Mexican vegetable is low really very close to our intention, Chery looks at the a variety of goods, confused which one to choose.
Chery confused


Interest is the best motivator

Today we visited a third customer. It's a strange thing to say about this client. He likes cars, which he likes very much. He liked model cars and collected a bunch of model cars, which might have been a bit naive. Not only did he like model cars, he also liked famous brand cars, which were the real cars. Before we left, the client said, "come, I'll show you my little toy." As the basement opened, a dozen "little toys" opened our eyes to each other.
Can we, in turn, allow us to work hard just because we like to work, so that we can work happily and enjoy our jobs?

Business opportunities, always ready for the prepared people

In a conversation with the customer, he told us his first bucket of gold come from: the President! Originally when the President is busy with election, the election of conduct is bound to various promotional banners, and printed banners will need a lot of printing inks. In that time my customers friends company has a minor celebrity, President come and find our customer friend, reach an agreement, became the source of my customer friend first bucket of gold.
If my client friend didn't have enough ink to print, how could the President come to work with him? So, business opportunities, always ready for the prepared people.
The printing company
An the customers
The model cars
The little toy
World brand cars


Work is our wholehearted motivation

This morning, we visited to our last customer and put an end to our journey.
Brother stone Chery always full of energy, to the work extremely enthusiastic, he always the ones who explore the road in the customers, and actively talk to the client. He really became my escorting emissary. I really appreciate this partner. I hope that we will work together all the time for better tomorrow.
Chery is looking for
The busy Chery
Deliving goods

I think of my parents more than on a fair festival

Today is the traditional festival in China - the Dragon Boat Festival. It is only when we leave the country that we miss our family more deeply during the festival. Watching collage's Dragon Boat Festival tea party pictures and video, it's hard to avoid a hot, tearful eyes.
Well, we are not going to eat out today. We will do it by ourselves. Go to the supermarket to buy food, see the hat of batman, wear it in an ostentatious manner(laughter). Also remember to buy special products to go back to colleagues, after all I am the person who go abroad, he he ~
Special goods

Return, like a arrow

No. 31, after spending nine days in Mexico City, we finally headed home. In the afternoon, we arrived at the Houarez international airport to take a return flight. We're also moving in the United States, but this time it's not at the Dallas fort worth international airport, but at Los Angeles international airport. Brother stone continues to learn and progress on the plane, for his thumb up!
The learning Chery
When we were connecting in Hong Kong, because of full time, we wandered around for a few hours. Finding that Hong Kong's goods are much cheaper than those in the mainland, immediately asking colleagues what they want to bring back by WeChat, and then it's a lot of fun to buy.
At Hong Kong
Hong Kong goods
Chery is buying
Goods for collegues
Back in Shenzhen, we found we lost 13 hours and thought that it was time difference. Because of jet lag, feeling dizzy, maybe it will take a few days to fall back. Anyway, back home and see my little prince is the most important thing. 
China, we're back!
I am back