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How about the situation of solvent ink market in year 2016-2017?

Latest history of advertisement ink.
1.In China in advertisement market, in the latest 30 years, ink types trend from: solvent ink, eco solvent ink, UV ink, latex ink. 
2.Solvent ink starts in Chinese market, and it will be end here. Almost all world’s solvent ink produced in Chinese market. It usually used on industrial PIEZO print heads. And this ink will update to eco solvent ink.
3.Factories starts offer eco solvent ink since year 2008. Firstly, this ink used on Epson print heads. It raise market share day by day and now plays an important part . Still, Japan eco solvent ink gets a good market share. But on industrial PIEZO print heads, eco solvent ink will play a more and more important role soon.
4.Uv Curable ink start being popular since nearly year 2012. And now in the world AD market, UV ink mostly supply from US and European and Taiwan. Chinese UV ink still in a low market share, but it gets better and better in latest 2 years.
5.And Latex ink, until now, still not popular in Chinese market. Though it was promoted by HP company more than 10 years ago. Most customers still buy original HP latex ink.
What is the main point of “why one print head gets popular”? How’s the situation of year 2016-2017?
Solvent ink models always updated one by one because of print heads. While one print head has an absolute advantage compare to other print heads, it gets the market share. Then which print heads gets market share in latest years?
1.Stage 1 – 40 to 80PL: XAAR 126 / 128; Spectra Nova / Skywalker. 
2.Stage 2 –35PL, (about after 2005): Seiko SPT 35PL; Konica 35/42PL; Spectra Polaris 35PL; XAAR 382 35PL etc print heads has the main market share on solvent ink.
During this time: Seiko 12PL, Konica 14PL, Spectra Polaris 15PL has a market share in high resolution market too.
3.Stage 3 – 30PL less (about after year 2015): Konica 512i 30PL, Seiko 508GS 12PL, Spectra Starfire 1024 10/25PL, Ricoh G5 7PL.
4.Stage 4 – 10PL level (may be 2 or 5 years later): I know that Toshiba has prepared 2 years to stand in, maybe Kyocera will get involved into the market too. 
Now, we are still in stage 3, Konica 512i 30PL has absolutely advantage, and it gets crazy raise since year 2016. I think it will still hot in year 2016-2017. 
In eco solvent ink market, we all know that Epson print heads has high market share, because of it’s high printing resolution. And we think that Epson print heads will reduce because of it’s speed. In 10 PL level, industrial heads can still has high resolution, and high speed.
U-Eco solvent ink for Konica 512i 30PL
What will UVINK group do in the situation?
Now UVINK group’s solvent ink for Konica 512i 30PL has an excellent reputation and high market share because of the stable quality, bright color, less odor. We are optimistic about eco solvent ink for Konica 512i 30PL.