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UMK Sublimation Ink-Ultra Black

Do you still have troubles in finding sublimation ink which is ultra black? Are you not satisfied with the inks that you are using right now? Do you want to find the sublimation ink which has perfect performance? If you have those problems, please let Uvink Tech help you.
What is Sublimation Ink?
Sublimation ink, also called low temperature disperse ink or low temperature sublimation ink. It works as print sublimation ink to transfer paper, and then heat and press transfer to destination substrate; or direct print on coated fabric, and then heat to firm color. This ink usually used to transfer to fabric with more than 60% polyester, or transfer to rigid substrate as: ceramic, glass,  crystal, mental, plastic etc.
How about UMK Sublimation Ink?
After researched several years, Uvink Tech explored out one kind of sublimation inks which is ultra black-UMK Sublimation Ink. Strict quality control with large -scale production, equiped with high accuracy of senior precision analysis instrument and high efficient R&D, imported production machines makes the UMK Sublimation Ink is more stable, pure black.
You will find another different colorful world if you choose UMK Sublimation Ink.
UMK Sublimation Ink-Ultra Black