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UVINK tech focused on real Environmentally safe advertisement solvent ink

UVINK tech focused on real Environmentally safe advertisement solvent ink.

What’s the difference between Chinese ink and Japanese ink for advertisement printing?
One: The history of advertisement ink: from solvent ink to mild solvent ink, from eco solvent ink to U- real eco solvent ink.
The advertisement ink I speak here is a kind of digital inkjet printing ink, which used on printing outdoor or indoor advertisement pictures, usually it use wide-format printers. And usually advertisement ink includes: solvent ink, eco solvent ink, UV curable ink, Latex ink etc.

UVINK tech advertisement ink

Since SIMENS company produced the first digital inkjet printer at year 1951 ( desktop ), inkjet printing start to catch up with and surpass Laserjet printing. During this, we get cheaper cost on printing, through more ink configuration to achieve a high quality of photo printing, which laserjet printing can never reach. And printer size from A4, A3, A2 to 1.6 M, 1.8 M, 3.2 M, 5 meter width size. Wide format printers are used to print banners, posters, trade show graphics, wallpaper, murals, backlit film, vehicle image wraps, electronic circuit schematics, architectural drawings, construction plans, backdrops for theatrical and media sets, and any other large format artwork or signage. Wide format printers usually employ some variant of inkjet technology to produce the printed image; and are more economical than other print methods such as screen printing for most short-run (low quantity) print projects, depending on print size, run length (quantity of prints per single original), and the type of substrate or print medium. Wide format printers are usually designed for printing onto a roll of print media that feeds incrementally during the print process, rather than onto individual sheets. 
Solvent is used to describe any ink that is not water-based. Piezo inkjet printers whose inks use petroleum or a petroleum by-product such as an acetone like carrier liquid. "Eco-Solvent" inks usually contain glycol esters or glycol ether esters and are slower drying. The resulting prints are waterproof. May be used to print directly on uncoated vinyl and other media as well as ridged substrates such as Painted/Coated Metal, Foam Board and PVC. The solvents soften the base material and allow the ink pigments to mechanically latch on to the chemically etched surface. Certain ink manufacturers have different bite based on what solvent carriers they use. Which is what makes solvent ink prints more durable than aqueous inks. However, solvent inks give off strong odor or fumes when drying, as the carrier fluid dissipates through applied heat from the printer's platen. There are various levels of solvent ink ranging from "True or Full Solvent" to "Medium/Mild Solvent" all the way down to "Eco-Solvent". The fume and odour levels decrease accordingly, so does the surface etch of the base material. Full to Medium/Mild Solvents require fume extraction to be considered safe in the working environment. Most Eco-Solvents can be used in an office environment with minimal or tolerable odor levels. 
UVINK tech has it’s innovative technologies U- eco solvent ink for industrial heads, like: Konica, Seiko, Spectra Polaris, Spectra Starfire, XAAR heads. And also has it’s hot sell U- mild solvent ink for those industrial heads. Our mild solvent ink isn’t contain CYC, CAC, PMA, DMF etc VOC chemicals. UVINK tech’s U- real eco solvent ink for Epson DX5, DX7, it is real eco solvent ink which can compare to original Mimaki Roland eco solvent ink, which compatible to ROHS certification. And this U- real eco solvent ink has interviewed by US TV “products channel” at Feb 27, 2016, for the environmental safety.

Two: People care most about odor and safety of the ink.
If you works in advertisement printing area for long years, you will have a clear opinion, that is: besides quality stability, we all care most about the odor, safety of the ink. There ever some TV reports that: one solvent ink printing factory, was complained by the people who lived around them, because of strong odor. The printing operating staff, after long years working in printing, checked that get cancer. 
For this reason, full or true solvent ink can only used to Latin America, Asia, Middle east, Africa for long years time, and now they have strong request on improve too. And our UVINK tech U- mild solvent ink is much better than market normal true or full solvent ink, less odor, more safety, but still same price. We use more than 80% environmental safety ether chemical in these U- mild solvent ink. In European and US market, our U- real eco solvent ink, which even less odor than U- eco solvent ink, both better than Chinese market eco solvent ink. Some European companies want to be our sole agent as soon as we release our ROHS compatible U- real eco solvent ink. 
Three: What’s the future of advertisement ink?
First, market has solvent ink, people want higher DPI and less odor ink, then mild solvent ink and eco solvent ink come. To let the ink working on more types of printing media, giving more bright color, UV curable ink come. UV ink is environmental safety after cured, but still has small odor before curing. To being better, water based latex ink release. Uv ink need light to cure the ink, Latex ink need heat to cure the ink. May be one day, the perfect ink will come: no odor and safe to body, environmental safety, for all kinds of printing media, and easy process, cheap.
Four: What did UVINK tech do?
UVINK tech has the highest quality environmental safety ink, range from U- mild solvent ink and U- eco solvent ink to U- real eco solvent ink. This is the best eco solvent ink during Chinese supplier. And we have the highest quality level Chinese UV curable ink. We have latex ink for Epson heads already. 
We keeping innovate the environmental safety inks for the whole world.
What’s the difference between UVINK tech’s U- real eco solvent ink, U- eco solvent ink and U- mild solvent ink?

UVINK tech’s U- real eco solvent ink, U- eco solvent ink and U- mild solvent ink
U- real eco solvent ink