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CUSTOMER NOTICE At present, Uvink Tech Co., Limited (UVINK or Our company) received some customers feedbacks and after our investigation, we confirm that there are some individuals without any notice or any authorization from our company, by illegal ways to take pictures and misappropriate our companys production plant and production process picture... [more]

How about the situation of solvent ink market in year 2016-2017?

Latest history of advertisement ink. 1.In China in advertisement market, in the latest 30 years, ink types trend from: solvent ink, eco solvent ink, UV ink, latex ink. 2.Solvent ink starts in Chinese market, and it will be end here. Almost all worlds solvent ink produced in Chinese market.... [more]


Thank you for your trust and support to Uvink Tech Co., Limited! We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the personnel changes of our company. Effective from 18th Sep, 2018. Ms. Kyna Zhou (周玉华) former foreign trade sales manager, because of the personal reasons, willingly resigned from Uvink Tech Co., Limited. ... [more]

Special ink for EPS 3200

During the Shanghai Apppexpo exhibition, the Epson 3200 nozzle instantly attach very much attention. So what's the attraction of Epson 3200?... [more]