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The Environmental storms

The Environmental storms
The Environmental storms still haven't subsided from November to the present. More ever, this current trend has become ever more critical, resulting in a large number of enterprises cut-off production, rectification, criminal detention, definitely unprecedented! 
Just a few days, many enterprises in Guangdong were investigated and sealed. Raw material price keep up increasing; some factories closed; enterprises released annual leave in advance. However, it seems to be no weakening of the trend in terms of Environmental Protection storm in Guangdong, but constantly upgrade! Become more and more violent!
In the process of printing, the most volatile of the ink easily inhaled, and most people lack awareness on the hazards of ink. Still there are environmental pollution and degradation problems.
Is the digital inkjet printing for advertisement inhaled?
Although many inkjet companies who know that the volatility & pungent of the solvent based ink, many employees still do not wear masks, perhaps they are accustomed to the smell; or they are not used to wearing masks, but did not realize completely the harmfulness of inhalation of this volatile substances. The boss and employees are fluky obviously. It is invisible for adverse effects in the short period, and thought that others are alarmist. Is that correct?
After analysis, inkjet printing companies often use the pungent solvent ink contains two kinds of toxic chemical elements: Cyclohexanone(CYC) and 2-Butoxyethyl acetate.
Cyclone(CYC): carcinogenic, invaded by inhalation, ingestion, per-cutaneous absorption, etc. Mainly infected from the eyes, mouth, nose, throat mucous; Pregnant women will lead to fetal malformations; Liquid is stimulating to the skin, contact person will feel general anaesthesia, dizziness, chest tightness, general weakness and other symptoms. If happen poisoning, will damage the blood vessels, cause pericardium, lung, liver, spleen, kidney and brain lesions, appear massive coagulation necrosis, even serious to shock and died of respiratory failure.
2-Butoxyethyl acetate: With Toxic, may form explosive peroxides, Harmful by inhalation and in contact with skin, Irritating to eyes and respiratory system. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
Now there are some low-odor solvent ink on the market, but it's not actually environmentally friendly. It is said that U- real Eco solvent ink, 90% of the ink is environmental safety ether-chemical, use solvent more environmental safety, less odor, Bio-degradation, Better for our planet.
Material degradation is difficult.
Using not environmentally friendly printing material is a hazard to environmental too, like big consumption FLEX BANNER, the replacement frequency is higher, pollute is more. At present, there are generally two ways to deal with abandoned flex banner. First one, it is recycled as covered cloth or for some groceries packaging to achieve waste utilization. Second one, sell to recyclers. According to one recycler, recycled price based on the size of flex banner, 100㎡worth USD0.3/kg, while rags is USD0.08/kg, but the recycle percentage is very small.
The rubbish of flex banner contains PVC、DOP、polyester, there will be some poisonous gas when burning the rubbish, and landfill progress will take 200 years to degrade. The public is still lack of understanding about the environmental damage of flex banner rubbish. The environmental damage of outdoor advertising material is not less than the damage of plastic bags.
The application of environmental friendly material such as PE、textile is increased year by year. Even though, because of the cost or material factors, the application of environmental material has not replaced flex banner widely.
Why it is so hard for the widely use of environmental products? 
Previously, everybody said that it’s a tendency when speaks of environmental protection, but there are seldom printing companies willing to use environmental material in reality. Why? The reasons are as following:
1. There is no law to prohibit people using non-environmental material;
2. The cost of non-environmental material is lower, the companies can earn more when use it;
3. Currently, many Chinese supplier are hard to get rid of the concept of price competition;
4. If only one company pay attention on the environmental products, he easy gets bankrupt. It’s useless to pursue environmental if it even can’t survive;
5. Even though there’s some risk of using non-environmental material, such as some staff surfers from some kind of disease, and the compensation is heavy, but this phenomenon is hard to be found.
6. Many people say that their products are environmentally friendly, but really environmental friendly? Most of them are relatively environmentally friendly. The imperfection of the China domestic credit system makes the credit crisis and the trust cost of the transaction become higher.
Probably, the reasons of above are why they are not willing to use environmentally friendly products.
This time of the environmental protection storm, for a certain level, means that the national policy will be changes. It will lead a new stage of Environmental protection. Some companies have a long-term vision, they made relevant environmental certificate earlier, we should give them some praise.
Wrong way to earn money? 
Capital flows towards the place that can generate profits. We can find that, When one product’s profits is very low or new technology appears, there will have new alternatives appear. Technology development is often driven by interests, and technology will bring greater benefits, the two forming a virtuous circle.
Environmental friendly ink and environmental friendly material appear long time, but has not been hot selling yet.
It’s unrealistic that we stand in the moral height to require all people to use environmentally friendly products, but interest is the key.
The country is now attaching great importance to environmental protection regulation, which is an opportunity for environmental friendly products. If reward and penalty system will put into used base on the environmental standard for enterprises, environmentally friendly products will get their interest drive, the relevant environmental friendly products market will develop faster.
Is the purpose of business to make money, but also to the environment and the interests of society. 
So what are we going to do?
eco solvent ink

Our industry will be in a tougher situation in the coming new year 2017 according to the environmental protection storm. We suggest the Industry Association (equipment, material, ink manufacturer association) try to communicate with the government for developing Green Standard on our ink printing industry, and assist the government to implement the relevant measures.
Printing company need to improve the industry's awareness of environmental protection, all the equipment, ink, material and production method applied should consider environmental protection first. In addition, what we need is more about value competition instead of price competition.
We look forward to a better development of the industry!
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