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Raise the overall output value of Epson LFP

As a leader in printing equipment suppliers, Epson never slow down the pace of progress. After copying images in the high-end art market and the successful launch of new large-format Modern Korea, Epson continue to force, specializing in the advertising industry for the introduction of high-end output replacement product --Epson SureColor S40680 / S60680 micro jet photo machine. With its excellent color accuracy and performance, highly efficient and stable production capacity and energy saving advantages, enhance the value of the output.

Mass poduction truely realizes high profits

Since the printer regularly to maintain high load operation, the high stability of the equipment is a prerequisite to ensure productivity. As Epson SureColor S30680 and Epson SureColor S50680 follow-up models, Epson SureColor S40680 and Epson SureColor S60680 micro jet photo machines are using a new framework, more rigid body structure, to ensure that the host axis, feeder axis, to close parallel, and promote stable and the paper of the axis; a new tension control system can provide stable tension, to ensure consistency with the master axis feeder axis pace; at the same time, the new host axis, larger diameter, to provide more powerful sheet feeding feed tension, so that the feed more smooth, to avoid generating arch when paper feed caused by the rub print heads, both to ensure excellent print stability, and reduced supplies such as ink and media waste.

(Epson SureColor S40680微喷写真机)

In addition, the newly designed air circulation system to filter the body of the ink mist to reduce the sensor due to the ink mist caused by false stacked lead to downtime situations; new ink mixing device effectively prevents ink sedimentation, reduced to a certain extent the defect rate and cost savings; new automatic print head cleaning device, it can quickly clean the print head surface to prevent nozzle clogging. It can be said that the new Epson equipment upgrades significantly enhance the stability of the machine, reducing the probability of failure of the printer, ensure that the output capacity and extend the service life of the machine.

Accurate output to meet high quality demands

Epson printers provide different configurations for different users in advertising industry. Epson SureColor S40680 uses a single micro jet photo PrecisionCoreTM Micro Piezo print head design, the pursuit of high-quality and more cost-effective for users with high-output scheme; Epson SureColor S60680 micro jet photo machine uses a unique dual-speed models micro PrecisionCoreTM piezo derangement structural design, the pursuit of high productivity and cash flow of users to quickly provide high efficiency output solutions. Meanwhile, the two devices have more than the previous generation of printing precision settings, to meet the needs of different users, coupled with Epson's unique intelligent drops transform (VSDT), to ensure high-speed output at the same time enhance the print quality.

(Epson SureColor S60680微喷写真机)

Pictorial machine inkjet print output, in addition to high-precision printing technology support, the need to use high-quality ink. Both micro jet photo machine use whole new generation of "living color GS3" environmentally friendly low-solvent inks, dual four-color output with a larger print area. When creative output, can achieve higher color saturation, print work surface gloss stronger, especially in areas of work, you can get more vivid colors, so vivid picture of life element. Not only that, the whole new generation of "living color GS3" environmentally friendly solvent ink does not contain harmful elements nickel, the printed product will not emit harmful gases, environmental health; finished printing with sunscreen, waterproof, virtually scratch, oxidation and other advantages, harsh conditions of outdoor posters can easily deal with.

      It is worth mentioning that the Epson ink dot precision technology Epson Precision Dot integrates Epson Epson half-tone module, Epson color table and disparate technologies and new Epson Micro feathering three, the output of high-quality screen provides a powerful support. Epson half-tone module technology optimizes each pixel color uniform and effective elimination of grainy; It is more difficult like "metamerism" phenomenon in advertising industry, Epson color table with the help of technology, the further improvement ; the new Epson micro feathering technology to reduce printing stripes phenomenon, so that the real effect of the background more consistent the whole picture.


In order to facilitate user handling and packing factory, Epson redesigned the hardware structure of the printer, foldable rear heater is easy to install and transport. Also, two new improved media install the system, the use of new media staff lift lever, you can easily complete the work load heavy media, worry and effort.
More stable, stronger, faster, more accurate, more environmentally friendly, it is an advantage Epson SureColor S40680 / S60680 micro jet photo machine in common. The listing of two new devices will stabilize Epson "micro jet photo ®" benchmark status in the field of advertising inkjet output. It is reported that Epson will be launched in March 2016 to upgrade equipment Epson SureColor S70680 micro jet photo machine, look Epson bring us more surprises!


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