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Canon showed six new UV flatbed printers in Shanghai

   March  9, 2016 - Canon (China) Co., Ltd. by the Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition of the machine, announced six new UV flatbed printer,the Océ Arizona 1240 GT / 1260 GT / 1280 GT and Oversized Platform 1240 XT / 1260 XT / 1280 XT (hereinafter collectively referred to as Arizona 1200 series). As Océ Arizona 400 series upgrade, Arizona 1200 series not only continues the Océ VariaDot Intelligent variable droplet technology offers smoother print quality, the new multi-colored ink,and the ink channel personalized custom design allows users to respond to more high-end industries, diverse printing needs, but also according to Upgrading their business needs, allowing users to further expand their business scope, and tap new business opportunities.

Delicate and precise print quality, easily cope with the rigorous demands
  Faced with fierce market competition in the advertising industry, the print quality of products to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, business development is essential. The release of the Arizona 1200 series will once again set to print high quality standards in the industry.
    High-quality printing from Canon's unique VariaDot variable droplet technology, Arizona 1200 Series can precisely control ink droplets as small as 6pl, makes the picture clear and sharp performance to achieve the level of photo print quality, resolution up to 1440dpi even higher. On this basis, an increase of new light cyan, light magenta ink two new light, effectively expanding the chromatogram, while making the transition more natural gray scale, greatly enhance the character color expression. Furthermore, in order to meet the backlit billboards, advertising high-end luxury boxes and other high-end users demand, Arizona 1200 series also adds only on high-end models can be
seen Quality-Matte matte quality mode, the high glass glossy media achieve frosted matte effect.

Hardware and software combination brings strong productivity, high rapid return on earnings
  In hardware, the Canon for each device is equipped with a set of 636 nozzles, a total of 4-8 group head while working, even media coverage, will be able to bring a print dense color coverage, reducing the need for repeated spraying greatly reduce printing time. Arizona 1200 series under the new rapid production mode, the speed can be stably maintained at 35 m2 / h (XT series) high-speed printing over the mode of production increased by 20% to meet the capacity requirements with an annual capacity of 20,000 square meters or more. Roll with the new option, you can achieve the most flexible web width 2.2m wide automatic unattended printing, continuous printing process, printing efficiency further. In addition, new equipped with an automatic head cleaning system option, as far as possible to avoid clogging of the print head caused by stagnant production.

More widely, business development potential
  Digital printing media increased, innovative printing technology, print advertising has a very broad application prospects. The wider the scope of application equipment, the higher the return on investment value. Arizona 1200 series of print media, applications have gained a new promotion: New print almost achieved nearly all planar materials, including various special-shaped complex media and special materials. Pneumatic pin automatic positioning system and a powerful vacuum system in dealing with these special media can calmly, whether it is two-sided printing, multi-layer printed many times registration can be easily achieved. In addition, the third generation of Canon's new UV lamp used effectively reduced by 15% of the surface heat output, to ensure that the treatment effect of ultra-thin material.
In addition to the print media more broadly, Arizona 1200 series of equipment upgrades is very convenient, users can improvise according to business needs. Each new model is equipped with eight independent ink road upgrades may, Arizona 1240GT / XT upgrade package can be upgraded to a more powerful performance Arizona 1260GT / XT even Arizona 1280GT / XT through the ink path. In addition, users can customize their own ink road choice, either choose a new way to expand the light-colored ink color performance, but also can increase the gloss or gloss and white ink to enhance the sense of quality and a transparent colored material and print material.

   This time, Canon released Océ Arizona 1200 series of new products, not only in a timely manner to solve the user in the field of advertising printing production point of pain, but also for customers to create more profit opportunities, the pursuit of higher return on investment, allowing customers a head start in the competition. In addition to new products, the Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition, Canon also brought a wide range of products for printing advertising signs marking industry. Powerful and flexible product selection and a variety of display applications, let site users have realized the "digital printing, full Canon" real meaning.