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Ink factory material cost rise in year 2017

UVINK UV curable ink

In year 2017 in China, it is a tough year for ink factories, because the main raw material rise and rise.
The maximum ratio material rise from 50% from Jan to Nov.  And the second ratio material rise 20%. The cartons rise 100%.
Here is one material price according to each month.
One material price according to each month
It’s the normal situation for chemical products all over the world currently. Following are some news from the world’s famous chemical brands:


Announced in June 1st: the pigment industry has risen globally, and the price increases are phthalocyanine pigments and inorganic pigments, covering coatings, plastics and printing industries
Increase: more than 15%
Rising prices: rising raw material costs, rising environmental pressures and rising governance costs
Announced in June 2nd: the price of 1,4- butanediol raised by the company is rising today
Increase: 200 euro / ton
The price rise of tetrahydrofuran (THF), N- methyl 4-2- pyrrolidone (NMP) and gamma lactone (GBL)
Increase: 150 euro / ton
Poly tetra subunit ether glycol price
Increase: 300 euro / ton
Announced in June 6th: the price rise of polyols in Europe is related to the products of glycol and three hydroxymethyl propane
Increase: 200 euro / ton
1,6- ethylene glycol markup
Increase: 100 euro / ton


Announced in June 1st, NeoCryl, NEOPAC, NeoRad, NeoRez, Uradil and Haloflex brand liquid coating resin in the EMEA region price rise
Increase: 0.05-0.36 euro / kg, North America rose to 0.02-0.23 U. S. dollars / pound
Since July 1st, its Uralac brand polyester powder coating resin price has risen
Increase: 0.1-0.2 euro / kg
Rising prices: rising raw material costs

The Chemours:

Since July 1st, titanium dioxide prices have risen in China
Increase: 200 U.S. dollars / ton
Some special models, such as titanium dioxide R-960, TS-6200, TS-6300, R- 105, R-108
Increase: 300 U.S. dollars / ton


June 13th announced that it will increase the price of polyester resin products for Reafree series powder coatings in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India from July 1st
Increase: 100-200 euros / ton according to the product
Rising prices: rising raw material costs


Since July 1st, the price of DEGALAN products and epoxy curing agent for coatings and inks has been rising
Increase: 0.05-0.45 euro / kg
Price rise of polyamides
Increase: 3%
Rising prices of other curing agents and additives
Increase: 5%


Since June 1st, packaging products of multifunctional amine neutralizing agents Advantex and tertiary amine additives Vantex-T in North America, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region have risen
Increase: $0.05 / pound ($0.1 / kg)
EASTMAN ethyl acetate price hike
Increase: $0.03 / pound ($0.07 / kg)


In June 13th, the price of powder coating resins CRYLCOAT, ADDITOL, MODAFLOW and BECKOPOX products sold in the Americas was increased since July 1, 2017
Increase: 0.06 ~ 0.15 U.S. dollars / pound
Price rise: rising raw material prices

The Dow Chemical:

Since June 15th, the price of VORANATE brand toluene diisocyanate (TDI) products has risen in the American market
Increase: $0.12 / pound

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