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Does UV ink poisonous and daily preventive measures

Eco friendly
In printing, the damage to the body is usually caused by the volatile solvent in the ink, but UV ink in printing is the solvent without volatilization. So, UV ink is not poisonous.
Although UV ink curing is not poisonous, but not completely harmless. Because UV ink still has certain irritation and corrosive to the skin. But if you choose a green UV ink, you can avoid this situation. 
UV printing ink

What is green ink

Green ink is one ink that do not have harm to human body, in the process of production and printing ink almost no pollution, and almost does not pose any harm to human production and life. In a broad sense, green ink is a relatively environment-friendly product, which contains the following three meanings:
(1) To significantly reduce the harmful components of ink, mainly including reducing the content of aromatic hydrocarbons, reducing the content of heavy metals, and reducing other harmful components of the human body;
(2) To obviously reduce the ink in the process of the production and use of the harm of operators and the environment, improve the first-line production environment, at the same time, ink in the process of manufacture and use of energy has no obvious increase,
(3) To facilitate the recycling and treatment of packaging waste, no secondary pollution.
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UV ink

UV ink refers to the monomer polymerized into a polymer by ultraviolet light that USES different wavelengths and energy to make the ink film and dry ink. UV ink also belongs to the ink, as ink, they must have the bright color (except special case), good printing fitness, suitable curing rate. At the same time, UV ink has good adhesion, and has the characteristics of wear-resisting, corrosion resistance and waiting.
UV ink is a kind of solvent, dry speed, good gloss, bright color, water resistance, solvent resistance and good abrasion. At present UV ink has become mature, its pollutant emission is almost zero. It is important to note that solvent UV ink is a new direction of UV ink. Because ordinary UV ink viscosity is big, generally need to join the reactive dilution. Another direction is the study of water-borne UV ink, with water and ethanol as dilution, the water-borne UV ink has been successfully developed, and applied in some printing company.
So UV ink is not poisonous, but not absolutely harmless. What you need to know is whether UV ink from China or other country, it still contains chemicals. So, we need to learn some ways to use UV ink in daily work to reduce the damage to our body.
UV ink in UVINK

UV ink daily use of preventive measures

(1) Choose environment-friendly UV ink: not only improve the quality of printing, but also solve the problem from the root.
(2) Improve the surrounding environment: the equipment is best stand in a wide field, with large internal space and 2-4 exhaust fans on the wall to improve the flow of internal air. If possible, better in the place where dustless, avoid the material that the UV ink volatilizes and the dust that float in air rises chemical reaction, secondary pollution.
(3) The operator's protection: wear respirator, try not to close to the nozzle position in printing, in the operation, wear gloves and keep the space clean, diligent every day; In daily life, you need to eat more fruits and exercise more. If long time worked and you feel not comfortable, should seek medical treatment immediately.
(4) Choose the normal UV ink manufacturers: when choosing ink, compare more one UV ink manufacturer, choose the normal UV ink manufacturers.
Green world


In general, UV ink is more environmentally friendly, because UV printing is much less harmful than other printing, and there are many other advantages. So is the main development direction of printing now. It is suggested that you should choose the environment-friendly and tasteless UV ink, although more expensive, but the quality is also better, also better to reduce the harm to the body.
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