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The trend of UV jet printing and the future development of the industry!

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UV curable ink printing is a very popular word in the current advertising digital printing field, it gets much market attention, the following analysis of the status and development prospects of China's UV printing industry.
UV printing has a wide usage, it can print on a lot of different materials, such as glass, tiles. It has a broad development in the future, to play its own advantages in a world without any restrictions, improve economic efficiency, how this product would not be popular? Today, Umall Ink Int’l lead you to have a look!

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1. Personalized gift market

China’s gift market more than 9,8 billion, it has already become a popular trend. Make ones word or pictures on gift, can better reflect the value of gifts and ones originality.
personalized gift

2. Home decoration and furniture market

Home decoration of China market reached tens of billions, the family personalized decoration is also very popular. The user prefer printing their own pictures in decorative painting, ceramic tile, furniture, floor and so on. Decorate home with ones style, create a truly personal space.
home decoration and furniture


3. Personalized goods market

The younger, is a considerable part in the popular mobile phones and digital products market, printing their logo on these products will be the best way of personality. Some carry on items, such as makeup mirror, lighters, wallets, backpacks and others, also is a good way to reflect their personality.
personalized goods


4. Personalized images market

With the rapid development of digital video, people no longer limited their photos printed on papers. Universal digital printing system can print any image on crystal, glass, acrylic, metal, ceramics, oil painting canvas, etc. The effect of different materials printed on product is not the same, people print their photos on different materials, rich the form and the effect of photos.
personalized images


5. Movies, games, animation, pop culture products market

Digital printing system also can be based on the trend, it can print popular movies, animation, HIP-HOP pictures or other elements on some items easily.
movies, games, animation, pop culture products

6. Advertising and sign market

UV curable ink printing can make any quantity on advertising and sign market, full color print on various metal membership card, attendance card, chest card, authorization card and so on. This is hard to achieve on the current technology.
advertising and sign

7. Professional proofing

The UV curable ink printing has the advantages of no need of plate making, part material can be used repeatedly, low cost. It uses computer typesetting, modify and manufacture directly. Simple operation, high efficiency and low cost.
professional proofing


8. Professional high-quality small batch printing

Ink printing directly, without the need for plate making, not transfer or film, has a high quality of image. Color positioning is accurate, printable media is rich, customer is broad.
Market determines the direction of printing development, personality will be the trend on printing market. UV curable printing is clearly the new darling, because it can meet the need of personality. 

UV curable ink