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HP issued 4kinds of Envy and officejet inkjet printer

HP today released four multi-functional integrated printer product, one each for residential and commercial markets, respectively is Envy, Envy, Envy of 5660, 5640 and 7640 Officejet 5740.
HP said that in order to meet different customer demand and the low cost option.
In any desktop or mobile device, including iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows 8, and even the Kindle Fire HDX, All can use the new e - All - in - One multifunctional printing machine.
Envy 7640 is one of the biggest only four new product, can bring 14 PPM and 9 PPM of black and white/color printing speed.
The default black and white copy for 300 x300dpi precision, color copies is 600 x600dpi precision.
The machine is equipped with a 125 - page into the box, while the output capacity of cartons of 25 pages.
In addition, the machine is equipped with automatic lost manuscript, highest support continuous input 25 sheets of paper, and automatic duplex printing.
As a multi-function equipment, line 7640 also provides a x11.7 8.5 inch plate type scanner, hardware resolution 1200 x1200dpi, scanning speed is also faster to 15 seconds.

 Envy and officejet inkjet printer
As for the two smaller new household level multi-function equipment - line 5640 and line 5640 - it provides many of the same function, resolution and print speed are the same as the line 7640, just remove the automatic draft apparatus.
Three line series all-in-one support wi-fi and remote printing. Like 7640, these two models are equipped with two into the carton, including the main box to hold ordinary paper, while the second into the carton users stored photo printing paper.
Printing speed, line 5640 is slightly slower than 5660, up to 12 PPM.
 Envy and officejet inkjet printer

Finally, I would like to introduce is commercial to Officejet 5740 all-in-one, its support for 8, and 12 PPM of black and white/color printer, scanning and copying resolution is also consistent with the line series (tablet size).
The printer is equipped with 25 pages automatically lose draft, not the large size of line 7640 capacitive touch screen, but it provides four USB 2.0 port.
The above four models support tablet or smart phone wireless access (local or remote / 802.11 b/g/n).
The new HP multi-function equipment will be listed on September 1, one of the most expensive is line 7640, starting at $199.
Officejet was quoted at $149 in 5740 and line 5660; The line's price is $5640 and $129.
It should be pointed out that, line 5660 will be the only region in the United States listed models, the other three will be geared to the needs of the global supply.