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Ink use, storage environment

Ink use, storage environment
1.Ink use environment:
(1)temperature: room temperature (10 to 25 degrees Celsius);
(2)the humidity: 40-70%; 
(3)the printer grounding, grounding is stable, the grounding voltage of 0.5 V or less; 
(4)the printer working voltage, stable voltage input, 220 v + 10%, or 110 v + 10% (specific each printer according to actual condition input); 
(5)the surrounding environment, clean air, away from the source of dust, air flow velocity can't be too big. Remark: ink in front of the computer, shake well before use; Ink storage for a considerable time, especially to perform this operation.
2. The ink storage environment temperature: (1) 5 -- 40 degrees Celsius (); (2) sealed, avoid light, (3) the shelf life: 12 months; pigment ink Dye ink 24 months.