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How to wash print heads

Do not use the printer for a long time, the nozzle may local dry part of the ink and will lead to print out or print effect is not good, most is for the ink system appear small bubbles, it is easy to make the ink channel into the ink hole forming an air blocking, led to the suspension of nozzle ink, therefore, generally should be cleaned in a timely manner the print head. Cleaning the print head to also want to pay attention to methods, not serious, to perform automatic cleaning 1 ~ 2 times can solve, if not, it is best to put half a day to clean again, every time cleaning the nozzle to print nozzle check pattern look, what a big improvement is clean or wash more white, more break.
一.processing method: 
(1)in the case of confirmed enough cartridges and ink nozzle cleaning. Print nozzle check pattern, if there are still break line, repeating the nozzle cleaning, up to 3 times. If not placed print nozzle check pattern again after half a day, wash again.
(2)if you can't take out the ink cartridge to check, whether out of ink cartridge of leak? Deformation of the ink outlet aprons? Whether enough cartridges ink? Or, to put the cartridge (if you have original cartridges can change) repeat step 1.
(3) determine the cartridge after no problem, we should perform manual cleaning. Turning on the left side of the white gear forward, open the right side of the car under the white words locks, car out words.
In cleaning unit blocks parts with special print head cleaning fluid (see section cleaning fluid profile) Push the word car place to immerse the print head of nozzle, for about 20 minutes (depending on the cleaning fluid and the degree of the plug, can be appropriately extended soak time). Pay attention to the different ph, possible damage to print head for a long time. After soaking up to perform the print head cleaning 1 ~ 2 times, print nozzle check, can also be placed print test for a few more hours.
(4) such as immersion failed to completely wash well, remove the word car cleaning unit, use the print head cleaning fluid filled syringe set of hose (also available rubber valve core), the print head into the light smoke on ink cartridge, fixed in the print head that has stuck. Is the negative pressure in the print head at this moment, a light smoke, stop, will gradually enter the print head cleaning fluid, usually in about 7, 8 times can twitch.
Note: must be careful operation, prevent the hose from the column, liquid splashed into the ink, or from the print head on the right side of the mouth of the stream to the following cable circuit. Once can twitch, should first take out ink inside, remove the set of the hose, the print head with distilled water to clean the needle barrels and hose, 1 ~ 3 ml of the print head cleaning fluid, gently press into the ink absorption column of the print head, so placed soaked in a few hours can be basically all through. In front of the pressure in the cleaning fluid, general is to make the print head position, this pressure into the cleaning fluid will waste of refill tube outflow from the printer. If the print head is not convenient place, then it is better under the print head pad plastic sheets (to cushion flat, not friction to nozzle), pressure in the cleaning fluid removed immediately after the print head, the following water wipe clean.
(5)if how to draw all not line, that is only remove the print head to deal with. General is bubble print head of nozzle parts in the plate, you can use the print head cleaning fluid or distilled water. Note: the cleaning fluid liquid level height can't more than 3 mm. With gummed paper into ink on column around the mouth NianDu, prevent the liquid flow to the circuit part of the lower part of the print head. After soaking, go toward outside to smoke with a syringe, if smoothly through. Check the cleaning effect: set of hose on distilled water test with a syringe, see if water is complete flat, at the same time, rinse nozzle in the print head cleaning fluid to prevent corrosion. Cleaning had better not installed immediately after use, can be placed again computer, 24 hours to avoid because of the print head circuit into the water and cause the print head or motherboard burned. The print head after installed, in order to inside the print head cleaning fluid rushs, excess and completely fills the print head, ink boot must first perform the print head cleaning.
(6)plug serious still can use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the print head, general maintenance of the inkjet machine stores with ultrasonic cleaning machine. In the ultrasonic cleaning machine put some distilled water (the print head cleaning fluid effect will be better), after open the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the inside of the liquid with vibration; Hand print head, be careful of immersed nozzle parts under the print head cleaning machine surface cleaning (liquid level does not exceed the print head plate). Every time cleaning time is not long, different power ultrasonic cleaning machine time, about 2 seconds out of 100 w, general washing time not more than three times. Clean after 3 times repeatedly set of hose pump with a syringe, generally as long as can twitch no longer use ultrasonic cleaning machine. If the plug is severe, can let the print head in the print head cleaning fluid soak for 10 minutes and then clean with ultrasonic cleaning machine, so the cleaning effect is good. Ultrasonic cleaning notice only the Epson (Epson) printers, other brands will not available.
Don't print head in ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean, to the print head with your hands, cleaner liquid level cannot exceed the print head plate. Ultrasound has certain damage to print head, don't long time or frequently used. Manual cleaning precautions: Many novice met burn the profound lesson, remember!
1)in the process of all kinds of print head cleaning operations, the most easy to ignore and is especially important of which is: can't use hot water immersion, nor make water, ink and cleaning fluid flow behind the PCB or PCB (water can flow from fixed cartridges area in). If the circuit part or the water ink, a paper towel dry and place a few days before you install the print head.
2) not contact circuit contact area with the hand, otherwise it may burn the print head circuit. (4) (5) (6) above method, try not to use easily.
2.The print head special cleaning fluid Main points for the print head cleaning fluid type dye (water) and pigment (oily, weak solvent, solvent) two kinds, the brand more. Generally most desktop printer for dye ink, you can use the dye type cleaning fluid, can also use the pigment type cleaning fluid; But some epson can use pigment ink, pigment ink using the dye type cleaning fluid, will cause the plug is more serious. Due to the different ink ingredients, cleaning effect is different also, may even aggravate the plug. When buying need to consulting, whether can be used in the cleaning machine and ink, ink manufacturers have their own cleaning fluid. According to the feedback, Dr Red clean (DrCleaner - VI), baidu west cleaning fluid effect is very good. If you don't understand of the cleaning fluid used, suggest to use distilled water instead of cleaning fluid to clean, clean with a cleaning fluid. Note: do not use household cleaning fluid or corrosive solvent instead of the print head cleaning fluid.
Other methods: 
1.The use of filling cartridges to clean If there is filling the cartridge, can put the filling ink cartridges filled with cleaning fluid, mounted to the prin ter, cleaning the print head again, and let stand for a period of time, to change, even for cleaning the print head, nozzle check. 
2. QingTong cleaning unit In clean unit with a syringe cap parts (ink) drops with hot water and go toward outside pumping with a syringe, in the end of the waste refill tube cleaning clean unit. 
Note: QingTong clean unit injector with cleaning the print head cannot be mixed.