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The composition of the ink

1. printing ink or toner 
The color of the ink is produced by the color of the pigment.

2. Penetration dhi
The faster the ink dry, its performance is optimal. Fast dry ink can be done by two ways, one is quick volatilization, the other is a fast penetration. Desktop printer with inkjet ink solvent is water, its quick drying is done by accelerate penetration. Penetration effect is to reduce the interfacial tension of the ink, the ink can quickly penetrate into the paper, so as to speed up the drying speed.

3. Humectant
Reduce the volatilization rate of ink from the nozzle, prevent ink due to volatile precipitation and crystallization, blocking the nozzle.

4. Chelating agent and dispersant 
To prevent crystallization occurs in the ink dye molecules in solution, thus for the plug.
5.  PH buffer
Pigment need to appropriate ph range, in order to show the ideal color is, so to add buffer.

6. fungicides, preservatives 
they can inhibit the bacteria grow in ink, prevent ink deterioration, thus for the plug.

7. resistance to ultraviolet (UV) agent 
To block the UV light absorption and then improve the light fastness of ink.

8. adhesion agent 
Increase the dye molecules and paper adhesion, thereby increasing the wear resistance of the ink. 

9. eionized water 
Soluble dhi