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The classification of ink

Inkjet printer ink is used in the water-based ink, that is to say, is water soluble. Inkjet ink is divided into the dye ink and pigment ink:
1. dye ink, ink is dye aid of aqueous solution, the color performance and exquisite, but fear of water, afraid of light, the color can't last long.
2. pigment ink is ink pigment particles (5 microns), help the economy of the aqueous solution, its color have underperformed the dye ink is exquisite, but are not afraid of water, is not afraid of the light, bright color can keep for a long time. In general, portrait CARDS, business CARDS to lasting industry with pigment ink color, such as other industries are not strict with dye ink. In general, can use dye ink printer can use pigment ink, but unqualified pigment ink is very easy to plug, and pigment ink to several times more expensive than dye inks.