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Basic knowledge of inkjet printer ink

As a printer inkjet ink an indispensable part of the application, on the output effect, plays a great role. At the same time, the printer as a system, and its printing effect better, is also determined by the combination of many factors, choose the inkjet ink to print effect with good quality is important, but not as long as you use good quality of inkjet ink, so you'll have good printing effect, but also in all aspects of the comprehensive factors, such as: printer working condition, the condition of the print head, medium, ink system status, working environment, operation and maintenance, printer Settings, such as quality of the image itself, only in all of the above situation is normal situation, choose good quality inkjet ink, can have good printing effect, can maximize the use of the service life of the print head, can reduce the waste of ink, can reduce the printing cost, thus have a strong competitive advantage.
In the subsequent content to image output effect as a starting point, in view of the above factors are described in specific and comprehensive; At the same time some of the problems in the process of printing, abnormal phenomenon such as analysis, analysis from various aspects to consider, and then find a solution (mainly from the perspective of inkjet ink used to analysis). Note: the following is stated in view of the common market with wide printer, the printer does not represent all or some of personality characteristics of a printer, because each brand, each printer has its unique characteristics and personalized service conditions, the specific operation and use of refer to random "user guide/operation manual".


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